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Helping Working Families

Rhode Island’s working families struggle to make ends meet. That’s why I’m working to increase access to quality childcare, raise wages, and build more affordable housing. We’re also well on our way to eliminating the car tax, which is the state’s most regressive tax.

Workforce Development

Whether you attend college or choose a different path, you should have the opportunity to have a fulfilling career right here in Rhode Island. That’s why I’m working to invest state resources in apprenticeship programs, job training, and STEM education.

Expanding our Economy

We need to make it easier and more affordable to do business in Rhode Island. This year, I authored a new law to help developers cut through red tape. I’ve also worked with small business owners to reduce taxes and fees and increase access to capital.

Reforming Education

Children deserve access to a quality education - no matter their zip code. Modern classrooms that promote a culture of excellence are a prerequisite for student success. I have fought to increase state aid to build new schools, and, most recently, supported legislation that requires school curricula to meet the highest of standards.

Tackling the Opioid Crisis

Families from all walks of life have been impacted by the opioid crisis. In the state Senate, we passed new laws to educate our youth about addiction and to increase treatment options for individuals already suffering from addiction. This year, we also created a $5 million fund to combat this public health crisis and it will be paid for by the drug companies

Protecting our Seniors

Rhode Island has the largest aging population in the country. An unfortunate result of this is that many financial scammers target the elderly within our communities. This year, the Senate passed three new laws to protect seniors from financial exploitation and abuse.

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